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Air Control Unit #ACU-200
The air control unit ACU-200, produced by RCBEE TECH, is the perfect combination of
traditional structure and modern technology. It adopts creative design: use one servo to
control two valves, save weight and space. Its traditional structure of servos and valves
makes it intuitional and reliable. With only one ACU all jet air controls can be realized.
It integrates servos, valves, sequencer with air pressure display, low air pressure
protection, voltage display for receiver battery and low voltage warning, realizes the
simplify of model installation and makes your jet model safe and stable.
  • Creative design: one servo controls two valves. Save weight and space, easy to operate.
  • For landing gear and two sets of gear doors, time interval between each step during takeoff and landing can
    be set up.
  • Automatically alarm when the switch of the transmitter is in wrong position.
  • LCD displays air pressure value and receiver voltage.
  • Programmable gear system failsafe function.
  • Programmable low voltage dropping-gear function, to advise flier of voltage lower than setting.
  • Programmable ABS brake function.
  • Programmable rotation position for all servos.
  • Compatible with 2.4Ghz radio system.
  • The unit is built inside 2pcs Hitec mirco servos with output torque
  • Specifications:
  • Operating Voltage: DC 5.3-6.0 Volts
  • Operating Pressure range: 0-150 psi
  • Size: 87x65x59mm
  • Weight: 150g.
  • Address: Bldg. 2, No.68, West Street, XiHu Village, BangHu, RenHe Town, BaiYun District, GuangZhou, 510475 GuangDong, P. R. of China
    Tel: +86-20-8603 3112       Fax: +86-20-8603 3148