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Scale: 1/8
Length: 95"/2415mm
Wingspan: 65"/1651mm
F-15B Eagle
ARF Price US$2,180
Standard package-
F-15 is so popular a plane. Its aerodynamic outline, enables not only the original wonderful performance, so is the duplicated model. In jet
world,this plane is even considered as a trainer by some modelers. Although JetLegend has already got a 1/10 scale one, F-15's features
are not fully expressed due to its small size. When it comes to the decision on size options, a 1/7 scale one is too big which would use a
turbine of at least P-180, while P-160 is more popular. With considering this, a 1/8 scale one came out under this situation. F-15 original
size is: Wingspan 13.5m, length 19.43m. The model size is: wingspan 65in/1650mm, length 95in/2415mm. With this size, the producer has
more space to exert. It's firstly shown in the design of the landing gear, as space is larger. A scale landing gear which is faithful
to the original became possible, especially the rotation function of the wheels after retracting.
Pic #1
Pic #2
Pic #1 Main wheel size for this 1/8 scale F-15
is 4.25in, nose wheel is 3.25in. Wheel hubs
and brakes are made by CNC, that guaranteed
the likelihood to the original.

Pic #2 Landing gear are installed in the
fuselage with 4 pieces Ø3X10 hex screws.
Note,they are hex screws, instead of wood
self-tapping screws. It means saying goodbye
to drilling holes in the wood. Just tap the
hex screw, it's finished. It's so convenient
for users. And it won't happen again that
the gear mount wood is broken when landing.
Assembling the metal components is a easier
Main wing dowel is made of carbon tube ( see Pic #3 ), which is perfect in intensity while light in weight. Work with the "U" mount plate ( see
Pic #4 ) in fuselage, it's very easy for users to assemble/disassemble. Four mount plates like this are applied in this model.

Pic #4
Pic #5
Pic #3
Same as the original, the main wing has aileron and flap.
They are controlled respectively by two servos. Servo size
is standard size ( 40mmX36mmX20mm ), such as Hitec
HS-945 MG, easy to fit in.( standard size servo with 10KG
or above torque is recommended). Note, parts in Pic #4
are in standard package too.
Pic #6
Pic #8 Control throw
Pic #7
There are two aluminum rods for the rudder.
They are also linked to the fuselage with
mount plate ( see Pic #8 ). It's also easy
to assemble/disassemble like the wing. For
rudder servo, small size servo with 6 KG
torque ( size 30mmX34mmX10mm ) is
recommended, such as Hitec HS-5125 MG.
Pic #9
Pic #10 Vertical stabilzer installed
Pic #11
Pic #12
Pic #13 Control throw
In jet world, the design of horizontal stabilizer is always a key factor,
especially the control mechanism. Not only flexible movement, but also
adequate intensity is required. JetLegend's "One-Piece" design is fully
satisfying this requirement. Horizontal stabilizer mount plate ( Pic #13 )
has two ball bearing to support. Two lock nuts lock the horizontal
stabilizer tightly. At the meantime, a secure dowel is applied in order
to avoid it from being loose. Servo installation and the whole control
mechanism are "One-Piece". As long as the control mechanism is
installed,the whole horizontal stabilizer is installed. This design is
greatly helpful to users. Elevator servo needs a big torque. So
standard size servo (40mmX36mmX20mm ) with 12KG or above torque
is recommended.
Pic #14
Pic #15
Pic #16
The intakes are moveable. They are driven
by servos. The function is realized with
one channel setup. Activeness of
intake/elevator combined control and
elevator single control are interchanged
by a switch on the transmitter.Intakes
are free to move like the original
during flying and can be shut down with
the switch when it's not used.
Pic #18
Pic #17
Back hatch cover air brake, This is a usual
design, but the cylinder control is mostly
like the original. The close end is connected
to the open end with a steel tube instead of
air tube. This looks more like the original
and easier to use.
Pic #19
Pic #20
Landing gear design
Wing design
Rudder Design
Horizontal stabilizer design
Air brake design
* Complete airframe
* Fuel tank
* Exhaust pipe
* Standard color scheme
with inside mold painting
Optional parts required to complete
* Landing gear package US$980
Upgraded Service
* Pre-installation Service
Of Retract&Gear Door
(air cylinder&hinge included)

* Custom Outside mold painting
(extra cost to be charged according
to job complex rate)
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